Special Saving Account


 Special Saving Account  is interest bearing account operated by checks, drawn up to frequency of five withdrawals per month for eligibility of interest payment.




      ►The applicant is expected to fulfill the following requirements to open such account:-

       ►Submit an ID Card, it can be driving license or passport or tax payer ID …etc  
      ►Renewed trade license, registration certificate, tax identification certificate
  •       ►One passport size photo of the applicant or Managing Director  
  •       ►Article & memorandum of association, an authorization letter to open an account,
  •     ►Signatory assignment letter  and any supporting letter by the concerned organ  
  •       ►Give specimen signatures on the Bank’s specimen card  
  •       ►Fill the check requisition form of the Bank



                                                                                        Download this procedures

Money Transfer

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Currency Rate Bank of Abyssinia

  Exchange Rate 

  Date Oct. 20, 2017


Currency Buying Selling


1 Euro


1 Pound 35.5514 36.2624
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