Special Saving Account


 Special Saving Account  is interest bearing account operated by checks, drawn up to frequency of five withdrawals per month for eligibility of interest  payment.



The applicant is expected to fulfill the following requirements to open such account:-

      ►Submit an ID Card, it can be driving license or passport or tax payer ID …etc  
      Renewed trade license, registration certificate, tax identification certificate
  •       One passport size photo of the applicant or Managing Director  
  •      Article & memorandum of association, an authorization letter to open an account,
  •      ►Signatory assignment letter  and any supporting letter by the concerned organ  
  •       ►Give specimen signatures on the Bank’s specimen card  
  •       ►Fill the check requisition form of the Bank



                                                                                        Download this procedures

Money Transfer

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Currency Rate Bank of Abyssinia

  Exchange Rate 

  Date DEC. 06, 2019


Currency Buying Selling




1 GBP  39.0636  39.8449
1 AED    7.6717  7.8251
1 CAD 21.3783 21.8059
1 CHF 30.0814 30.6830
1 NOK 3.0784 3.1400
1 SAR 7.5139 7.6642
1 SEK 2.9673 3.0266
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