Corporate Governance



Effective corporate governance practices are essential in achieving and maintaining public trust and confidence in the banking system, which are critical to the proper functioning of the banking sector and the economy as a whole. Effective corporate governance shall be carried out by board of directors as well as by management groups of the company.

The corporate executive group of BOA is structured by a nine-man Board of Directors, with proven truck records in corporate strategic issues elected for three terms by the shareholders during the General Meeting, and top- level Management group (the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Enterprise Services Officer, Chief Customer Service Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Information Systems Officer) elected by the board those are responsible for their respective business groups organized under 17 departments.

The total staff strength of the Bank, who is well qualified in their area of occupation, as at June 30, 2018, were 5825.

The list of existing Board of Directors and Top Management of BOA with their telephone number is tabulated below.




Board of Directors
No. Name Position


Educational Background

1 Ato Meseret Taye Chairperson

BA Degree-Economics & Political Science

Diploma-Accounting (Advanced)

2 Ato Aemero Belete  Member


3 Ato Bahru Mossa Member

Certified Manager (CM), MSc-Computer Science

MSc Information & Computer System

BSc-Electrical Engineering 

4 Ato Belay Gemechu Member

Master of Business Leadership

BA Degree-Management & Public Administration 

5 Ato Berhanu Jijo Member

Master of Business Administration (MBA), MSc Degree

Irrigation & Drainage Engineering, Planning & Design

BSc Degree-Agriculture Engineering 

6 Ato Biruk Tesfaye Member

Master Degree-Business Administration (MBA)

BA Degree-Management & Public Administration 


7 Dr. Getachew Teka Member

PhD in Economics, MSc in Economics, Diploma in

Cooperative Development, Diploma in Education 

8 Ato Solomon Girma Member

MSc in Actuarial Mathematics & Statistics

BSc in Statistics 

9 Ato Telaye Tegegne Member LLB 
10 Ato Tewodros Tesfaye Board Secretary  





Executive Management    
No. Name Position Telephone No.
1 Ato Bekalu Zeleke Chief Executive Officer  +251 11 553 0663 
2 Ato Abreham Gebeyehu  Chief Branch Banking Officer +251 11 515 6344
3 Ato Asaminew Deribew  Chief Credit Business Officer +251 11 552 8182
Ato Daniel Hailu   Chief Information System Officer +251 11 531 9031
Wro. Meseret Asfaw Chief Enterprise Service Officer +251 11 553 0391 
Ato Mohammed Nuredin Chief International Banking Officer +251 11 554 0838 
Ato Seyifu Bogale   Chief Corporate Human Resource Officer +251 11 553 0663
Wro Sosina Mengesha Chief Digital Banking Officer +251 11 552 2044 
Ato Dessalegn Yizengaw  Vice President Financial Management +251 11 514 4156
10 Ato Kagnew Wolde   Vice President Marketing +251 11 126 4694 
11  Ato Biruk Wallelgn   Executive Assistant to the CEO    



Money Transfer

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  Exchange Rate 


  Date Jun. 06, 2020


Currency Buying Selling





1 GBP 41.0471 41.8680
AED 8.4474 8.6163
1 CAD 22.9625 23.4218
1 CHF 34.0891 34.7709
1 NOK 3.2791 3.3447
1 SAR 8.2629 8.4282
1 SEK 3.3315 3.3981



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