The total asset of the Bank has registered a significant growth in the last sixteen years in a raw as shown below.

VariablelsFiscal year
Total Assets11,276.0013,666.0016,828.0025,324.0031,983.0039294.00
Outstanding Deposit9,096.0011,118.0013,634.0020,700.0025,794.0032,146.00
Outstanding Loan5,153.005,992.008,121.0014,105.0017,990.0023,421.00
Total Equity1,504.001,807.002,124.002,904.004,245.004,950.00

Number figures are in Millions

Revenue and Profit

The revenue and profit of the Bank has also shown positive growth rate. The table below shows the past five years revenue and profit of the bank.

Fiscal YearRevenueProfit
June 30, 2014696.79351.48
June 30, 2015836.27373.96
June 30, 20161,180.81487.23
June 30, 20171,779.55704.46
June 30, 20183,274.00765.70
June 30, 20194,289.001,024.04

Number figures are in Millions

Capital Adequacy Ratio

The Bank’s real capital as percentage of total risk weighted assets was 13.47% at the end of FY June 30, 2018. This indicates that the Bank’s margin of protection available to both depositors and creditors against anticipated losses is well above the supervisory authority’s required minimum level of 8%.