International Banking


Bank of Abyssinia provides full-fledged international banking services, including facilitation of import and export transactions, handling inward and outward money transfer services, purchase and sell of foreign currencies, and providing deposit services in hard currencies.

 ► Export Letter of Credit

 An export letter of credit refers to a foreign bank undertaking issued on behalf of foreign importer. The issuing bank specifies all the requirements of its customer in the letter of credit and undertakes to honor all drafts drawn in conformity to the credit terms and conditions. 

 ► Import Letter of Credit  

 A letter of credit is a commitment by the bank to pay the seller of goods or services of a certain sum provided the seller presents the documents specified in the terms of the credit. 

 ► Cash Against Documents (CAD) or IBC

 ► Issuing and Accepting foreign letter of guarantees and bonds

 ► Foreign Money transfer service: from BOA via foreign draft to foreign banks and from foreign banks to  BOA via swift

  ► Foreign exchange services: buying and selling foreign currency notes, foreign cheques and traveler cheques. 

 ► Renders Remittance service of Western Union, Express Money, Turbo Cash, Ria International,Dahabshil, MoneyGram, Kaah and EzRemit.


Money Transfer

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  Exchange Rate 


  Date Jun. 06, 2020


Currency Buying Selling





1 GBP 41.0471 41.8680
AED 8.4474 8.6163
1 CAD 22.9625 23.4218
1 CHF 34.0891 34.7709
1 NOK 3.2791 3.3447
1 SAR 8.2629 8.4282
1 SEK 3.3315 3.3981



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