Bank of Abyssinia

February 15, 1906 marked the beginning of banking in Ethiopia when the first Bank of Abyssinia was inaugurated by Emperor Menelik II.

abyssiniaoldIt was a private bank whose shares were sold in Addis Ababa, New York, Paris, London, and Vienna. One of the first projects financed by the bank was the Franco-Ethiopian Railway which reached Addis Ababa in 1917. In 1931, Emperor Haile Selassie introduced reforms into the banking system and the Bank of Abyssinia became the Bank of Ethiopia, a fully government-owned bank providing central and commercial banking services. Read More...



Deposit Services

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Demostic banking

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Correspondent banks

BOA today has maintained correspondent bank accounts with 12 well known international foreign banks operated in USA, EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST, AND AFRICA


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Money Transfer

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1 Pound 32.07 32.71
1 Derham 5.26 5.36

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