Fixed Time Account

Short Commitment, Higher Gains  

Did you know that you can get higher profits with a fixed deposit with BoA?  

Fixed time deposit accounts are accounts that can be created by customers for a limited time. In this case, the fixed amount must at least be 6 months.  For customers who are interested in yielding a higher interest rate in a short period of time, a fixed time deposit is the perfect account as it delivers a higher rate of interest than a regular savings account. Should the need for withdrawal arise before the maturity date, the withdrawn amount shall be entitled to the prevailing saving interest rate and any remaining amount shall be entitled to the fixed deposit interest rate. But why do that when you can save for 6 months and gain so much? 



  • The minimum initial deposit for this account is ETB 100,000.00 or USD 5,000.00 or its equivalent in EURO or Pound Sterling.




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