Detail Information on MESMER Programme

Detail Information on MESMER Programme


MESMER is a program designed to support 72,200 Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises across Ethiopia with access to finance, business development, and psychosocial support services to help them recover from shocks, build resilience and achieve business growth. 


The program objectives is to create sustainable access to credit for MSMEs through demand and supply-side intervention by:

  • Availing credit to 58,200 formal MSMEs, direct grants to 14,000 informal enterprises. However, the Bank is taking part only for the credit allocation.
    • Start-ups-2,200, Micro-48,000, Small-7,000 and Medium-1,000
  • Availing loans with a primary focus on agricultural value chain and manufacturing businesses.
  • Implementing area shall cover all regional states, with urban, semi-urban, and rural areas
  • Program’s loan distribution shall be 80% women and 70% youth-owned enterprises
  • Provide Business Development Services (BDS), Psychosocial Support Services (PSS), and Technical Assistance (TA) to financial institutions by First Consult.

General Information

  1. What is the MESMER program?
  • MESMER is a program designed to provide MSMEs with access to credit to help them grow;
  • The program facilitates credit to the MSMEs along with BDS service to increase their bankability;
  • The program focuses on women and youth-owned enterprises.
  1. Who are the target participants?
  • Formal micro, small, and medium enterprises operating with valid business license;
  • Start-ups (formal enterprises with less than six months of operation and with innovative ideas;
  • Women (80%) and youth (70%);
  • Priority sectors such as manufacturing and agricultural value chains.
  1. What are the enterprise classification? (Enterprise classifications will be done by the program and you will receive list of selected businesses with all the relevant details.)
  • Micro – enterprises: legally registered enterprises, defined as businesses employing up to individuals and with a total asset of less than or equal to 400,000.00 and 600,000.00 Birr for agriculture, service and industry sectors, respectively.
  • Small enterprises: legally registered enterprises, defined as businesses employing 11 to 50 individuals and with a total asset of between 600,001.00 to 10,000,001.00 Birr for the industry sector and between 400,001 to 5,000,00.00 Birr for the agricultural and service sector;
  • Medium enterprise: legally registered enterprise, defined as businesses employing 51 to 100 individuals and with a total asset of between 10,000,001.00 90,000,000.00 Birr for the industry sector and between 5,000,000.00 to 50,000,000.00 Birr for the service sector;
  • Start – up: will fall into 2 categories (1) individuals with business ideas and are in the process of licensing and formalization (2) already – licensed businesses with < 12 months of business operation.
  1. Where to apply?
  • Interested MSME owners can register themselves on the application portal:
  • MSMEs can also apply on the portal with the assistance of the partner banks by visiting the branches.
  1. How to apply 
  • Visit the application portal and follow the instructions;
  • Physical applications: enterprises/applicants can also visit branches of the partner banks for information and assisted application.
  1. How applicants are selected?
  • Priorities for selection include enterprises owned by women and youth, engaged in manufacturing and agricultural value chain activities, and having employment potential.
  • Enterprises not meeting minimum eligibility/to be excluded from screening
  • Without valid business license;
  • Less than one year of operation;
  • Enterprises that do not meet social, environmental, and governance compliance criteria (alcohol, tobacco & drug – related business, weapons manufacture & war – related activities, gambling/betting, sex –related industries;
  • Enterprises using the funds for unlawful and political purpose;
  • Enterprise with undue private benefit.
  1. What are the reasons for rejection?
  • Not meeting the minimum eligibility criteria (the above exclusion list);
  • Multiple applications from the same enterprise/individuals;
  • Submission of inaccurate/wrong information and fraudulent documents during application;
  • Not attending the Business Development training after passing the pre-screening stage.
  1. How are selection/non-selection results communicated?
  • Selected applicants will be informed through phone calls and SMS from MESMER program and the partner banks;
  • Non-selected applicants can get information on the results by visiting the application portal.
  1. What are the supporting documents required during application and later appraisal?
  • Applicants are advised to prepare the following documents:
  • Residential ID;
  • Business License;
  • TIN number;
  • Evidence for number of employees
  • Evidence of the business presence in the area (Photo)
  1. What is the loan amount provided per enterprise:
Business CategoryCredit Fund

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