Money Transfer

Remittance Service through SWIFT & Draft    


Transfer more money quickly, easily, and safely with BoA through SWIFT and Draft.

This service refers to the cashless mode of payment through different mechanisms like electronic funds transfer and wire transfer. BoA provides money transfer services through SWIFT, a worldwide messaging network which quickly, accurately, and securely send and receive money transfer instructions.

  • Inward Money Transfer

    To BoA from foreign Banks through SWIFT

  • Outward Money Transfer

    From BoA to foreign Banks through SWIFT and by issuing Draft.

  • Bank of Abyssinia’s SWIFT code


Remittance Service through international money transfer organizations

BoA works with multiple money transfer institutions to ensure its customers fast and safe money transfer service. From anywhere in the world you can use these institutions to send and receive money instantly. Western Union, Money Gram, Dahabshiil, Xpress Money, Ria, Trans-Fast, World Remit,Terrapay, and Thunes.  

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