Agent Banking

No matter where we are there 

BOA is working tirelessly to get closer where ever the need for banking is needed. Through agency banking, BOA provides the community partial banking services partnering with recruited agents as per the directives of the National Bank of Ethiopia. 

Service Features

  • Cash in/deposit
  • Cash out/withdrawal
  • Fund Transfer
  • Bill Payment
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Opening E-Wallet Account (GizePay)
  • Mobile Airtime Top-up
  • OTC Services
  • Mini Statement


Gizepay delivers instant banking wherever you are whenever you want.  

Through GizePay BoA extends its network of branches and services to seamlessly remote and unreachable areas without having to open actual branches. When you are out for work, pleasure, or any other purpose, you need not worry about finding BoA you, Because BoA will find. Cash deposit, cash withdrawal, fund transfer, bill payment, balance inquiry, mobile airtime top-up, and minis statement are as close to you as they can possibly be.  

  • Bill Payment
  • Fund Transfer
  • Cash withdrawal and deposit to wallet account
  • Mobile airtime top-up
  • QR Coupon and USSD payment alternatives for offline users
  • Booking services
  • Salary payment options

E-Wallet Payment System

A. GizePay Public Side

Services features

  • Fund Transfer
  • Bill Payment
  • Pay at merchant
  • Wallet account information
  • Cash withdrawal from wallet account (Cash out)
  • Cash deposit to wallet account (Cash in)
  • Mobile airtime top-up and other services

B. Merchant Services

Service Features

  • QR Coupon or USSD payment alternatives for offline merchants
  • GizePay for online market payment alternative
  • GizePay for online booking services (various events)
  • Salary payment/bulk upload

E-Bill System

Service Features

  • All utility bills (coming soon)
  • School fees and Others
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