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Abyssinia Online

Through our systematized and stylish online banking platform, you will avoid unnecessary queues to be served. Our online banking enables you to manage your financial activity without a problem.


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Mobile Banking

With mobile banking, BoA gets even closer to you and you get closer to your account. BoA offers a safe and secure banking system with the most flexible structure and allows you access to your account from anywhere and everywhere. 

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Through GizePay BoA extends its network of branches and services to seamlessly remote and unreachable areas without having to open actual branches. 

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Adey Women’s Account

Empowerment of Women starts here  

A present from us to women, come and open an Adey account with a higher interest rate. We offer discounts and ease of access to your accounts even when you are shopping in supermarkets.  

BoA understands the role women play in our lives. As such to simplify and facilitate your personal business, endeavors, and efforts, we have designated a special account for you. We offer you increased saving rates to show you our appreciation and valuation of your growth. Saving with Adey account will create empowerment and drive to succeed. 

Term loan

The best financial choice 

This finance is designed to boost working capital or project finance to be repaid within a specific time usually with interest. BoA is engaged in delivering unsurpassed working financing credit to ensure the smooth running of businesses with Short, Medium, and Long-term loans.

ECX Related Accounts

Secure your tomorrow, today  

Alter your trading accounts to BoA and see how it simplifies your trading activities and businesses.  

This account is for business owners who conduct trading activities in the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX). It is intended to facilitate trading and it is opened by conventional payment operation.

Choose Your Habesha Debit Cards

Gold Card

As main business partners of BoA, you are of paramount importance to us. Gold Debit card powers your status in our bank and allows you unmatched purchasing power at a single stop. With superlative cash withdrawing capacity, you are the owner of unimaginable possibilities.

AbyssinAmeen Card

Ameen interset free banking offers you the Habesha Ameen debit card which gives purchasing power up to ETB 200,000 daily purchases. you are offered exceptional services through this debit card. 

Classic Card

BoA values its banking customers. That is why we provide you with the Habesha classic debit card which gives a massive purchasing power. With up to ETB 200,000 daily purchases you are offered exceptional services through this debit card. 

Virtual Banking

Virtual bank in Ethiopia
Only at Bank of Abyssinia, discover more ways to bank than ever

Bank of Abyssinia proudly introduces the new self-service machine that hosts the service of branch banking through our excellent and friendly virtual tellers from the comfort of any ITM corner. Experience, virtual banking from Bank of Abyssinia for an instant, easy and convenient banking at your suitable locations.


Simplifying customer experience is always at the heart of our interest. With an appealing and user-friendly ecommerce system, we deliver payment services which can serve as payment gateway for customers.  

Imagine the wide range of offerings like Visa card and Master card, this will allow you execute your ecommerce plans across borders with just your fingertips. 

Ecommerce payment gateway bank in Ethiopia

Interest Free Banking

Bank of Abyssinia provides a specialized Interest-Free Banking service with a brand name of “AbyssinAmeen” with unique product features and benefits. The product and services provided by BoA fulfill the need of our esteemed customers and fully in compliance with the Shari’a principles. The Bank has established Sharia advisors who have ample experience in commercial jurisprudence fiqeh, muamelat, and well known to the public at large and who ascertains every activity of the bank is performed in conformity with pertinent Sharia laws.

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ባንካችን አቢሲንያ በወለድ ነጻ የባንክ አገልግሎት ማዕከሉ በኩል ለሁለተኛ ጊዜ ያዘጋጀው ‘‘አሚን አዋርድ የሥራ ፈጠራ ውድድር” ፍፃሜውን አገኘ፡፡

ባንካችን አቢሲንያ በወለድ ነጻ የባንክ አገልግሎት ማዕከሉ በኩል ለሁለተኛ ጊዜ ያዘጋጀው ‘‘አሚን አዋርድ የሥራ ፈጠራ ውድድር” ፍፃሜውን አገኘ፡፡

ባንካችን አቢሲንያ በወለድ ነጻ የባንክ አገልግሎት ማዕከሉ በኩል ለሁለተኛ ጊዜ ያዘጋጀው ‘‘አሚን አዋርድ የሥራ ፈጠራ ውድድር” ችግር ፈቺ የሆኑ በርካታ...

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Money Transfer

Leading international money transfer agents working with Bank of Abyssinia

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