Bank of Abyssinia Banking Services Charges


Deposit & cash withdrawal related

Service charge(ETB)


Cash & check Deposit related account services



Cash withdrawal at branch

Up to Birr 1000

Birr 1001-Birr 10,000

Above Birr 10,001 – 100,000


Service Type

Service Charge (ETB)


All Local Money Transfer


From account

Up to Br.3000 – Br .3

Br.(3,001-100,000)- Br. 1.25/Thousand

More than Birr 100,000 – Br. 1/ Thousand


From non-account holders(cash)

Up to Birr 3000 – Br. 5

Br.(3,001-100,000)- Br. 1.5/ Thousand

More than Birr 100,001- Br.2/ Thousand


Service type

Service charge(ETB)


Amendment on customer request


Service charge

Br.20 flat


Br.10 flat


Cancelation of LMTS


Service charge (on voiding LMTS)

Br.20 flat


Staff transfer


All Local Money Transfer Service(LMTS)

  • Up to Birr 2,000 per month- free
  • Above Br.2000 Birr 1/Thousand

Service charge

Br.10 flat


Request of retransfer of LMTS by customer/remitter(to be collected by remitting branch)


Service charge

Br.10 flat


Telephone (for manual transfer)

Br.20 flat


Request of retransfer of MT by customer/remitter (to be collected by remitting branch)

Service charge

Br. 20


Br. 20


1Account to Account TransferService charge(price)
1.1Birr 1-10,000Free
1.2Birr 10001-100,000
1.3Above Birr 100,001
2Bulk Transfer (Salary Payment)
2.1Employer with an average monthly deposit balance of Birr < 100 millionFree
2.2Employer with an average monthly deposit balance of Birr > 100 millionFree
3Bank to Bank Transfer (EATS)
3.1Outgoing real time growth settlement (RTGS) transactions(outgoing MT 103)Birr 50 plus NBE charge Birr 50 per cheque for customers With an FCY source
3.2Outgoing AA cheque clearing fee (cheque & CPO)Birr 50 plus NBE charge per cheque and CPO; Birr 50 per check for customers With an FCY source
3.3Outgoing low value payment credit transfer bulk credit payment Birr 10 plus NBE charge per transaction
3.4Bank to bank transfer(MT202)both incoming and outgoing transactionsBirr 50 per transaction (NBE charge only)
3.5Incoming real time gross settlement (RTGS) transactions (incoming MT103)    Free
3.6Incoming low value payment (Cheque & CPO and credit transfer) or bulk payment
1Bankers Cheque (CPO)Service charge
Up on issuance
1.1From account Br 50 flat
1.2From non-account holders (cash)Up to Birr 100,000 – Br. 300 Flat

Birr 100,001 – 500,000 – Br. 400 Flat

Birr 500,001- 1mill – Br.500 Flat

Above Birr 1mill – Br.1.25/mill

1.3Up on Replacement of Bankers Cheque
Service chargeBr. 200 for account holders

Br. 400 for non-account holders

1.4Up on Bankers Cheque Cancellation/Voiding/
Service charge (for voiding)Birr 200 flat for account holders

Birr 300 flat for non-account holders

1.5Refunding Lost Banker Cheque
Service chargeBirr 200 for account holders

Birr 400 for non-account holders

1.6Cost of Cheque Books/Old
25 leavesBr.75
50 leavesBr.200
100 leavesBr.300
1.7In Sufficient Fund
First time As per NBE directive
Second time
Third time
1Deposit accountService charge
Pass book issuance up on openingFree
Fully utilized pass book replacement
Lost/damaged pass book replacementBirr 100 per Pass Book
Closure of S/A within 6 months from date of opening
1Accounts  Service Charge
1.1 Closing account after six months of openingFree
1.2Saving and Checking Account Freeze (court case) in favour of plaintiff (beneficiary)
Service chargeBirr 100 per beneficiary
1.3Inactive/dormant A/C service charge for
S/A balance below Birr 100 for 1 yearFree
C/A balance below Birr 1000 for  six months
1.4Standing Instructions (S/A,C/A,TD,FCY,OD etc.)
Service chargeFree
1.5Stop Payment Order
Service charge (single cheque issued)Birr 300 per cheque
Service charge ( for range of cheques or pad un-issued)Flat Birr 300 and plus 10 per leaf
1.6 Sundries Services
Provident fund handlingfree
Authentication fee at documents authentication and registration office and courtsOnline …. Birr 50 in person….Birr 200 plus third party charge per case
Customer door to door service to open account  Free
Customer door to door service to pay and collect cash ( within the same town)
1.7Balance confirmation to external auditors
(S/A,C/A,TD,FCY,O/D, loan accounts etc.  200
1.8Duplicate advice & other documents( typed or photo stat) (S/A,C/A,TD,FCY,O/D, loan accounts etc)
Current month25 per page + Birr 5 for every additional copy
Historical 50 per page + Birr 5 for every additional copy
1.9Duplicate availability confirmation (S/A, C/A, TD, FCY, etc.) for all customers except credit facility
Service chargeBirr 200 flat
Registered mailBirr 100 flat
Service charge300 flat
Courier chargeAs per courier cost
2Inheritance casesBirr 100 per case
3Signature change50 per account
4Salary payment ( to be deducted from employer)
For employers with an average monthly deposit

balance <= Birr 100 million

For employers with an average monthly deposit

balance > Birr 100 million

1Balance ConfirmationService Charge
Saving accountBirr 100
Current accountBirr 100
1Bank statement IssuanceService Charge
Saving accountBirr 10 per page
Current accountFree
Through emailFree
1.1Extra statement issuance (other than once per month)
Below 1 yearBirr 25 per page
Above 1 year Birr 50 per page
Through emailFree
1.2Duplicate Advice
Less than 2 yearsBirr 20 per page
Over 2 yearsBirr 30 per page
1Share ServicesService Charge
Share certificate issuance when transfer of share certificateBr 1000 per transaction
Share transfer processing feeBr 1000 per each share certificate from both party
Splitting / consolidating share certificate in the name of the same share holders1.25% from each party of gross proceed min Birr 500
Replacement of share certificate 500 per each share certificate
Issuance of pledge letter fee Birr 1000 per each share certificate
Share balance confirmation Birr 500
Authentication of power of attorney feeBirr 1000
Authentication original court document feeBirr 1000
Issuance of latter on credit statusBirr 200, free for staff
1.Safe Deposit Service Charge (Price)
Safe deposit box priceBirr 200
Small sizeBirr 12,000 per annum
Medium sizeBirr 18,000 per annum
Large sizeBirr 24,000 per annum
Extra-large sizeBirr 30,000 per annum
Penalty charge100% of the annual rate in arrears. But, 150% of the annual rent in arrears if the payment is above maturity period of contract.
Deposit for keyBirr 14,000 per annum
Subscription fee free

Digital Banking Services

NO.Amount RangeCommission/TXN/
1For transaction value less than or equal to Birr 5,000Birr 5 per transaction
2For transaction value between Birr 5,001 & 30,000Birr 10 per transaction
  1. International cards
Service Charge
1Debit card products
1.1Visa debit platinumBirr 5000
1.2Visa debit GoldBirr 1000
2Prepaid card products
2.1Visa prepaid platinumBirr 5000
2.2Visa prepaid GoldBirr 1000
2.3Visa prepaid classicBirr 500
  1. Domestic cards
1Debit card products
1.1Visa Debit PlatinumBirr 1000
1.2Visa Debit GoldBirr  350
1.3Visa Debit ClassicBirr 100
1.4Visa Debit Classic AdeyBirr 100
1.5Visa Debit Classic AflaBirr 100
1.6Visa Debit Classic BalewuletawochBirr 100
1.7Visa Debit IFB platinum cardBirr 1000
1.8Visa Debit IFB Gold cardBirr 350
1.9Visa Debit IFB Classic Ameen Birr 100
1.10Visa Debit IFB Classic Ameen ZaharaBirr 100
1.11Visa Debit IFB Classic Ameen FitayahBirr 100
1.12Visa Debit IFB Classic Ameen MusininBirr 100
1.13Visa Debit Apollo ClassicBirr 100
1.14Visa Debit Apollo IFB cardBirr 100
2.Prepaid card products
2.1Visa Prepaid IFB Birr 100
2.2Visa Prepaid ClassicBirr 100
  1. Pin & card replacement
Service Charge
1.1Pin Replacement with pin mailer for all card productsBirr 50
1.2Pin Reminder with SMSFree
  1. Card replacement
2.1 Replacement of all card typesSame as issuance fee
  1. Card delivery for all urgent card products
3.1Delivery cost for urgent card requestBirr 100 additional to issuance fee
ATM withdrawal Domestic (ONUS)Birr 0.45%
Balance inquiry (ONUS)     


Additional Account Link
POS Cash Advance Domestic at Branch (ONUS)
POS Purchase (ONUS)
Fund transfer (ONUS)
Mini Statement (ONUS)
Transaction fee for all IFB domestic card (ONUS)
  1. ATM withdrawal
Service charge (price)
For all card products( remote ONUS cross borderUSD 1.50/TXN
For all card product (ONUS)ETB 0.45%
  1. POS  transaction
POS purchase
For all card product POS merchant site purchaseFree
POS cash advance
For all card product (remote ONUS Cross Boarder)USD 1.50/TXN
For all card products (ONUS)Free
For all card product (remote ONUS/ETSWITCHBirr 0.50%
Type of serviceService Charge (price)
Maintenance fee


LMTS  Commission
Fund transfer to own account
Fund transfer to other bank accounts (RTGS)50 Birr plus NBE fee(currently NBE fee is 50 Birr)
Fund transfer to p2p ETSWITCHAs per ET-SWITCH charge
Transfer to other wallet accountFree
Transfer to other wallets
View account balance
Customer pay bill
PIN replacement
Linking other accounts
Fund transfer to another BOA account
NOChargePaid by the CustomerPaid by card Issuer bankPaid to SwitchPaid to Acquirer
1POS Cash Advance1.0/100 Birr0.50/100 Birr0.50/100 Birr0.60/100 Birr0.40/100 Birr
2ATM off us1.0/100 Birr0.50/100 Birr0.50/100 Birr0.55/100 Birr0.45/100 Birr
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