Local Deposit Products

Local Deposit Products

We serve your vision

Saving Account

Secure your future with BoA 

When banking with BoA, you are always catered to with personal care and empathic touch. This opens up room for you to grow as an individual. Personal banking has never been friendlier and profitable.

Current Account

Secure your tomorrow, today  

Saving with BoA allows you to be at the forefront of your needs every step of the way. It can be opened by all natural and legal persons recognized by Ethiopian laws;  

Overdraft Account (services)

We make life affordable  

The overdraft account allows account holders to continue withdrawing money even when their account has no funds in it or has insufficient funds to cover the amount of the withdrawal.

Fixed Time Account

Short Commitment, Higher Gains  

Did you know that you can get higher profits with a fixed deposit with BoA?  

Fixed time deposit accounts are accounts that can be created by customers for a limited time. In this case, the fixed amount must at least be 6 months. 


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