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How much cash can I withdraw?

    Card Type Channel Updated One Time Transaction (Maximum) Daily Limit GOLD ATM Birr 4,000 Birr 15,000 POS Birr 100,000 Birr 100,000 EthSwitch Birr 4,000 Birr 15,000 CLASSIC ATM Birr 4,000 Birr 10,000 POS Birr 50,000 Birr 50,000 EthSwitch Birr 4,000 Birr 10,000 PREPAID ATM Birr 4,000 Birr 20,000 POS Birr 50,000 Birr 50,000...


How do I activate my card?

Upon delivery of the card, the customer must be provided with an instruction guide on how to use the card on ATMs and should be advised on the important tips of handling the card.


What are the documents required to apply for an ATM card?

Before you apply for a Habesha card you would have to go to one of BOA branch open an account by bringing documents that confirm your eligibility like -ID card -passport -driver license -trade license -tax identification card By one of all these documents, you should open an account to get a classic or gold...


What is the criteria to apply for Habesha cards?

A request for debit card or card/PIN reissue or Account Linking/Closing can only be entertained at the Branches where the account is maintained. However, customer can apply for a prepaid card at any branches of Bank of Abyssinia


What makes BOA card different from other bank?

Within BOA card you can get service where ever you are if you are at the network area where every bank ATM service available. you can withdraw from your account an amount that is better than any bank in the country or which is equilibrium not less for instance you can withdraw For debit card...


What is Habesha card?

ATM cards of Abyssinia are named Habesha Card and they are said to enable customers to withdraw money, receive bank statements, check balance, transfer and receive sent money, pay for services, and have the money returned after the unsuccessful transaction. Habesha Gold, Debit, and Prepaid Cards all allow the same minimum withdrawal, 50 Birr. However,...

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