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What document should I fulfill to borrow Diaspora Finance?

A Diaspora saving account Copy of valid passport Letter of undertaking to repay the loan in foreign currency Ethiopian Original ID card (Yellow Card copy) A letter that confirms monthly salary The authenticated sales contract agreement, Should have defined and sustainable source of income. Other documents as necessary.


Who becomes a Personal Guarantor?

Any one by considering guarantor’s financial standing and integrity. Other than cross-guarantee, chain guarantee, and personal guarantee among the family members.


What properties can be considered as collateral?

Buildings, Motor vehicles, Machinery and equipment, Cash Deposits, Merchandise, Foreign Bank Guarantee; Business Mortgage, Land Lease Right and/or Coffee Plantation Other forms of collateral such as; Export Credit Guarantees, Personal      Guarantee, Corporate Guarantee, Valid Import/Export Document, Letter of Comfort


What is the required document for applying for IFB Finance?

Application letter, Renewed trade license & Principal registration certificate for the period Copy of identity card/s of the applicant/s. Tax identification number /TIN/ Tax clearance, Or Tax Exemption Certificate in the name of applicant Tax clearance in the name of mortgagors, if the mortgagors is third party Financial statements at least for three years Forecasted...


How can I apply for IFB Finance?

Apply your Finance request where you have an account in any BOA branch, or at the IFB center found at Belay Zeleke building adjacent to Ethio-Italy cultural institute around Semen Hotel

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