Ways to Bank

Ways to Bank

Abyssinia Online

More Options, Less Hassle 

Through our connected banking system, we offer you more ways to bank than ever.  

Through our systematized and stylish internet banking platform, you will avoid unnecessary queues to be served. Our internet banking enables you to manage your financial activity without a problem. Why go to the branch and all the hassle when you can order from your computer? Our internet banking simplifies your business.  

Online banking in Ethiopia

Agent Banking

No matter where, we are there  

 BOA is working tirelessly to get closer where ever the need for banking is needed. Through agency banking BOA provide the community partial banking services partnering with recruited agents among as per the directives of National Bank of Ethiopia. 

Card Banking

Reliable and Secure 

You are a corner away from a BoA ATM. When you don’t have time just pop up at an of our ATMs and you can perform transactions like receiving, transferring and withdrawing money within a minute. Our ATMs also accept other bank’s ATM cards. Even if you don’t have account with us, you can access your other accounts through our ATMs. 

Debit cards in Ethiopia

Mobile Banking

 Go mobile with BoA  

With mobile banking, BoA gets even closer to you and you get closer to your account. BoA offers safe and secure banking system with the most flexible structure and allows you access to your account from anywhere and everywhere.  

Virtual Banking

Only at Bank of Abyssinia, discover more ways to bank than ever

Bank of Abyssinia proudly introduces the new self-service machine that hosts the service of branch banking through our excellent and friendly virtual tellers from the comfort of any ITM corner. Experience, virtual banking from Bank of Abyssinia for an instant, easy and convenient banking at your suitable locations.

Virtual bank in Ethiopia
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