Bank of Abyssinia integrates with Thunes

Bank of Abyssinia integrates with Thunes

BANK OF ABYSSINIA INTEGRATES WITH THUNES, A SINGAPORE-BASED FINTECH COMPANY AND A LEADER IN GLOBAL CROSS-BORDER PAYMENTS FOR MONEY TRANSFERS TO EXPAND GLOBAL REACHWe are glad to announce a partnership with Thunes, a global cross-border digital remittance service network that will enable our customers to receive remittances from more than 110 countries around the world, such as Singapore, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and more.This strategic collaboration will allow direct BoA accounts credit, direct GizePay wallet accounts credit, and Cash Pickup Service using our branches, which is available only at BoA.Quick, affordable, and reliable transfer services for new corridors.#moneytransfer#Payments

To learn More About Thunes visit their website.

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