Saving – a dream behind economic freedom.

Saving – a dream behind economic freedom.

If a deeper research is undertaken, surely, the desire for economic freedom drives the human race more than anything else. This saying is not research backed but rather assumed. Nevertheless, it is also not far from the truth. Economic freedom is one of the top agenda of individuals at all levels. The driver of many actions in our society.

As financial institution, Bank of Abyssinia aims at creating greater awareness of what saving is and how successfully it can be handled and managed for one person to start that journey of economic freedom. As a financial institution, only saving doesn’t lead to automatic financial success. It is one of the longest road to that dream. But it is the right one.

However the society needs to be educated and financial institutions must refocus on other important aspects than just pushing people to open accounts in their various branches.

At Abyssinia bank we believe in creating awareness, working closely with stakeholders to develop financial literacy, and build various platforms that help the society to develop the right mindset and habit towards saving.

We don’t believe the number of opened accounts show the level of saving – literacy the society have. As a bank, we have developed the right strategy and approach to help people understand the science behind saving with the language and clarity that is close to their hearts. This is an important aspect of the awareness creation process.

Our team continuously ideate and brainstorm on how to develop the right technological platforms that are simple and friendly to support the idea behind conscious and strategic saving. We have technological solutions in the pipeline that will focus on educating the mass on saving and help build the right social awareness towards saving.

We are also aspiring and working closely with technological companies that will provide the support we need to see all Ethiopians in all regions, across borders and oversees finding a financial institution that is beyond asking them to open accounts in one of our branches.

We want to be the bank where financial awareness, education, and solutions are synonyms for what we stand to represent, values we bring to the market, and principles of our corporate responsibilities driven by our inspiration to see a society that is economically free.

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