Bank of Abyssinia partners with Xpert Digital to implement Temenos Infinity with the aim to hyper-scale its digital footprints in the country

Bank of Abyssinia partners with Xpert Digital to implement Temenos Infinity with the aim to hyper-scale its digital footprints in the country

Bank of Abyssinia partners with Xpert Digital (XD) to implement Temenos Infinity. XD will revamp the bank’s existing retail and corporate banking to offer feature-rich and innovative digital banking services for BoA’s customers across both segments.

Bank of Abyssinia (BoA) plans to accelerate customer growth by implementing Temenos Infinity, the world’s #1 best-selling digital banking platform. Temenos Infinity will enable the bank to increase digital revenues and reduce customer onboarding time significantly. Temenos Infinity will give BoA customers the ability to have seamless, reliable, easy-to-use, and secure mobile banking services. The implementation is part of BoA’s commitment to offer a unified and superior omnichannel experience to its customers across all touchpoints and facilitate true, anytime-anywhere banking.

Xpert Digital (XD), with years of digital banking experience and a successful track record for numerous implementations, will help transform BoA’s retail mobile banking and SME digital banking experience. XD will help assist the bank to use Temenos Infinity and embark on a digital transformation journey to hyper-scale its digital footprint and provide a modern online banking platform. With an integrated, seamless customer experience, covering the entire customer lifecycle from customer onboarding to usage using both prebuilt and customized digital banking experiences.

“We are committed to our customers, who are our number one priority. And our focus remains the same, which is to cater to our customers with a world-class experience. We are one of the leading banks in Ethiopia and are excited to announce that we will be using Temenos Infinity as our platform to kick off our digital journey. To help us achieve our aim, we carefully and thoroughly reviewed Temenos’ partners and decided to select Xpert Digital (XD) as our digital transformation partner. Xpert Digital seems to perfectly fit the criteria for our innovation and breakthrough in the digital world. XD’s ongoing projects and previous experience show the knowledge and dedication they have about digital banking. We believe this partnership will lead us to become one of Africa’s leading banks.”

Sosina Mengesha Rundassa, Chief Digital Officer, Bank of Abyssinia

“When BoA decided to select Temenos Infinity for their digital banking transformation, they needed an experienced, committed, and reliable services partner who understands digital banking challenges and with proven Temenos Infinity implementation experience. We are thrilled to announce the start of our partnership with Bank of Abyssinia. XD’s proven Temenos knowledge, skilled team, and regional banking experience will accelerate the deployment time and enhance BoA’s digital customer experience. Temenos Infinity’s out-of-the-box integration adaptors and XD’s integration experience will help BoA consolidate back-end systems to offer its customers a unified, omnichannel experience. We are glad to become a strategic partner for BoA’s digital transformation journey and will continue to support BoA and Temenos Infinity customers globally by offering a best-in-class digital experience to their customers.”

Hammad Rasool, Co-founder & Director, Xpert Digital (XD)

“Bank of Abysinnia is joining the world’s most customer-centric banks in choosing Temenos Infinity to transform their digital banking. Today’s consumers expect the same kind of responsive experience for their banking needs as they get from e-commerce sites. With Temenos Infinity, BoA can get to market fast with a modern digital bank that offers exceptional, personal customer experiences combining digital technology with a human touch. Ultimately, enabling the bank to increase digital revenue, cut customer onboarding time and achieve higher customer satisfaction.”

Jean-Paul Mergeai, President International Sales, Temenos

About Xpert Digital

Xpert Digital (XD) is a Certified Temenos Services Partner specializing in delivering exceptional digital experiences by creatively nurturing innovation with technology. With over 40 cumulative man-years experience transforming banks digitally, XD helps banks in achieving their business KPIs and scale their business by transforming the customer experience, digitizing customer journeys, and optimizing branch and internal business processes. With numerous successful implementations to our credit, XD’s track record stands out, telling a story of its own.
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