Building the iron – shield of the bank, People!

Building the iron – shield of the bank, People!

“Organizations deliver services, people deliver values, and we aim to bring both to the financial market!”

When we set an audacious vision to be the leading commercial bank in East Africa, we recognized the way to do it is through people by equipping, empowering, developing, and enhancing their skills. That also becomes part of our mission and embedded in our values. Any organizational vision alone without the interlinking of people would be a fantasy that will never be realized. Bank of Abyssinia understood that in all its history and spent time, energy, and resources in bringing its people to align its vision.
The change in the global trend, the value of people in the business process, how that will translate into high-end customer engagement and level of satisfaction was an early awakening to the bank and its top leadership. To achieve the vision we set in 2030, we soldiered up and started the journey by working with leading firms to bring the best training with the unique method of delivery. We focused on enhancing our people’s competencies.

Our mission that aims at providing excellent financial services through competent, motivated employees and digital technology meant investing hugely in human capital. Among the different efforts and projects to realize our mission, recently we are working with one of the leading human capital development consulting firms, such as Rework Inc., and others to provide state of the art – training programs to our people in various areas that will surely help us get closer to realize our mission.
The challenge of providing excellent financial services can’t be just solved when we acquire the best talent in the job market, that talent needed to be continuously developed with the latest trend and practices out there. It required us to search for the right partners with the right practice that is capable of understanding our vision, mission, values and can bring that in the form of programs and consulting services. The focus of bridging the gap that had existed in the Ethiopian job market was highly strategized at the top level when we rolled out different capacity enhancement programs.

We want to lead and continuously deliver at the highest level of organizational aspirations and that meant building the right leaders that are the pinnacle of the financial industry. That needed the setting of the right corporate culture using our values as bricks and cement to make the bank meet its present needs and at the same time move forward to achieve its aspirations.
Our values customer satisfaction, integrity, teamwork, and collaboration, caring for the community, all come in one box with a high level of focus given for each (individually) and as a pack (all together). An organization must emulate its values at the forefront of its operation and strategic execution. It helped us to have a compass that leads us to the destination.
We know we are at the early stage of our 2030 vision but we don’t want the focus of who we are and what we do to deviate from that so we intend to be reminded of it through everything we do and hold ourselves accountable to be led by it.
We want our customers, our fan base, our employees, our shareholders, and the community at large to know us better and become part of our vision. We want to bring Ethiopia to be part of the effort to make it a financial hub of East Africa. We aspire our people to lead this audacious vision, spearheading change, and planting the seed of greatness.

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