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“Accelerating the nation’s development through technology!”

Spearheading change requires focus, determination, commitment, and most importantly a daring heart. As the first bank of Ethiopia, Bank of Abyssinia always strives to spearhead change through technological solutions and products that are close to the hearts of its users. This desire to excite our user base and become an inspiration for the entire financial sector is at the core of who we are. We know by being the first, we trigger a shift in perspective and initiate similar actions by other institutions as well. Such role modeling of organizational excellence is what we want to be associated with. 

In our recent endeavor, we launched a unique mobile application CashGo to help Ethiopians who live around the world to find an easy, simple, cheap money transferring technological solution. This technology not only saves millions and millions of cash but also encourages people to support great causes through donation and collaboration. Bringing such a solution shows the bank’s keen interest and commitment to be part of the country’s development initiatives and become the backbone of economic prosperity. 

Technology should always have to be simple, easy to use, and accessible. CashGo being mobile-friendly, will give Ethiopians around the world the right platform to quickly and easily transfer cash to their motherland, to their loved ones, and even take an active part in donations and fundraising activities for various development initiatives. Ethiopia currently being engaged in national grand projects, having a platform with minimal transfer cost could boost the various grand projects that are being led by the government and public bodies.   

For Bank of Abyssinia, being part of the country’s developmental initiatives, being close to the public and the various mass – focused projects, and supporting Ethiopians who are living around different parts of the world, who are sweating their efforts to succeed and support their loved ones, come at the heart of our engagements as an organization and particularly as a financial institution. 

The platform will enhance the nation’s ability to gain more foreign exchange, reduced transfer fees, be a fast and reliable technological solution that will play a key role in the progress and development of the financial sector. 

Ethiopians who didn’t have the right platform to support national and developmental projects before, now will find the perfect platform that is easy, fast, reliable, trusted, and extremely affordable compared to other money transfer platforms that were expensive.  

Bank of Abyssinia believes taking such big steps in modernizing its systems and solutions is a way to go forward and join the dynamic change the world is throwing at our faces. As an organization, this will give us the strength we need to be a reliable partner of the people and the nation at large. It will also bring us close to our vision, mission, values and digital strategic goals we set out to achieve.

Use the link below to download the app


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